Friday, July 8, 2011

Current reflection

Well things have been quite hectic on my side latley. Never did I imagine I was possible of juggleing so many things at once, but with time I find I have become more than capable of certain self acheivements. Plans for my wedding are just begining to fall into a place of releif and school is ever coming with speed. I have decided that at this point in my life there are particular things that I will cherish such as good company from family, and friends and enjoying the small things that I may have once overlooked. I live each day to the fullest and try new things constantly but only now do I understand how lucky I am. I have a wonderful large family that is only getting bigger and stronger- friends who are worth my time and dedication and of course God has brought me a special reward for cherishing his trust- the man of my dreams who I will marry only in a few weeks.

I feel a lot is approaching for change and with this some would question whether all these permanent changes are they ready for...
You must believe that with every heart you may find hope and when two hearts destined to be finally do reach one another-- your soul becomes lifted as if you float through time.

I am finding with my growing age and knowlegde that the world is full of suprises and our lord honestly does work in mysterious ways.
Thoughts are not best left unsaid, but worthwhile when recorded.
We should take risk and enjoy each day to the fullest for the instances we are living now are nothing more than the truths of who we are.