Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Post 1

A flower

Hello! My name is Whitney Greer, I was born in Scottsboro, Alabama in the year 1989. I have two siblings one who is older and one who is younger, they are both boys. When I was a young child right at the ripe age of 3, my brothers and I were placed into foster homes for our birth parents were not in a state of responsibility to raise three children. By the age of 4, we had been introduced to Tom and Ellen, who we spent a little bit of extra time with, they were interested in being our new parents, which was very exciting to our young minds. After some scheduled meetings with Tom and Ellen and our social worker Ms. Melba, we were off to Mobile to start a new chapter in our lives!
I am now much older, spending any spare time around campus doing tedious work in the field of Elementary Education. I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2012. I chose to attend the University of South Alabama due to being apprehensive to leave home. I plan to be an educator for the majority of people in my family are educators and I felt inspired to do the same! When I am not bombarded with school I enjoy to be outdoors and spending time with my family. Another unknown passion I have is singing, I have enjoyed doing it since I was a child and this continues the older I get.
I hope that this will help you get to know a little about me and past this if you would like to know more feel free to ask me at any given time!


  1. Just checking to see if my comments are working correctly!

  2. "tedious work.." We'll try and do something about that. And now that you have let the cat out of the bag about singing....

  3. Hi Whitney! I just starting to read your blog and I'm amazed about you! You are a very strong person and you would do anything to keep you stay strong right? I think you will succeed in life with your inspirations and passion. Especially in children =)I am like you who is very passionate about children too. I hope to see your blog more!