Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Post 2


Did you know?
- In this movie, I learned a lot! Let's just say after watching this video I feel I have not even had a partial understanding of what technology has done to this day and age. And what become's even scarier is that this technology age is continually booming. To think that by 2049 there will be a computer that has knowledge capabilites exceeding the human brain is scarey. Before hand I had seen movies and blurps about how the computer age will take over the power of human kind, this had always been entertaining to me " A computer made by humans being smarter than humans..its just science fiction" Or is it? I would say my opinion of this has changed.
Dr. Strange and I were talking in class the other day and he was informing me of how students in the first grade were blogging, this was a suprise! As far as I knew students that age were doing what I was doing when I was in there age category, scarey to think that what they are doing now could and most likley will result in the next generation relying soley on technology. It had not occured to me what all differences this technological age had done to our society, but I do say its impressing. The new technology has also removed a distance factor for underlying countries to the USA. Never would I have thought even 5 years ago that it would be possible to interact with a classroom in Australlia... but it is possible and it is cool! I enjoyed this video and feel it was very informing to the uninformed!

Mr. Winkle Wakes:
- This video firstly was a cute well thought out presentation of information. But man do I feel like Mr. Winkle sometimes. Looking around me I see all this change and upon entering into EDM 310 all the presented concepts were new and especially foreign to my understanding. I can recall back to when IM came out I was a pure genius! I was the come to person for all my friends with the new tricks to help better your experience with the program. Now I am looking forward to time spent in the lab with my new found friends-the lab technicans to help me understand all the new tricks and gadgets.
This video does a good job at including that the technolgy Mr. Winkle saw was very useful, until that is he walked into a local school. WHY? I thougt to myself, a dusty computer in the back of the class and students vigrously writing in old fashion styles. The only thing I can give credit to the schools for why the have not adopted these new styles, is our funding! In recent classes I have learned that school funding is not where it should be for our future generation to be well prepared for what lies in reality. Our world as we know it is changing and holding onto traditonal methods will only produce graduates of Mr. Winkles! Schools should open mindedly accept technology to make everyone's life easier!

Ken Robinsons Schools Kill Creativity:
Ken talks about coming from England over to Los Angeles as a college professor. He discusses two themes in his talk Human creavity and our no knowelegde as to what will happen next. He feels that Education and Creativity go hand and hand. He refers to an example of a student in a drawing assignment, her teacher had complained of her low participation level..the girl decided to draw God and the her teacher replied as "No one knows what God looks like". She was practicing her imagination and this childs teacher was depleteing her inhabiton to use it. Ken goes on to talk about how subjects in school are soley based around math science reading and writing, he wonders why Arts and Musics are not majoritized into the Education.
I agree with this video for creativity is specifically wired into each of us just as our DNA is. But the more we go along the less focus we put on the practice of arts music and dance. I had also felt that to be a good teacher one needs to have a creative mind, which I always sought to be like my teachers for they all had such good ideas. Their creative minds aided to my learning and made my learning experience much easier. If we let creativty disapear from our schools there alone our schools are lacking. Ken Robinson has a great out look on what modifications the schools can use.

In response to the Celica Gault Interview I found that the questions she asked were questions we as pre-educators should be constantly asking ourselves. What reaches each childs mind to correctly indentify their needs and wants out of an education. Mr.Robinson responded great to Celias questions and his definiton of intellegence is something I would say we could all relate to. Not one child could be majoritized into one category for we all are different. Celia's blog post took me by surprise after reading it I was sure she was a college student or at the youngest a highschool student, then to see she was merely to her teens, this young girl has it going on. She wrote in such a mature manor as well as her interviewing skills it was incredible. I also found her interests in the subject of Education inspiring for it is not only the Educators themselves who want sucess and modification, but it is our students as well. It is now quite obvious we have underlying issues that now are being publicated and they need attention of we educators to make the changes that are extremely overdue.

Vicki Davis Class Video:
Mrs. Davis is a inspiring teacher. I wanted to see more so I researched her blog and it is amazing! I reccomend it to all students! She has a complete understanding of her students needs and establishes it by teaching herself and also rebutting this to watching her students learn so they in turn can teach her what she does not know. A young mind has so much room to learn. Watching her students learning how to use technology which they seemed to know more about the new blogging and capabilites than I do. I would feel honored to be able to sit through one of her travel talks she had talked about doing.
I feel in tracking Mrs.Davis's blog I will be able to see some things I have not yet considered and learn a lot. What methods she is using in her class are ones that the child can get a full force learning experience on and use this knowlegde to better approach the new technology age we are now becoming closely interfaced with!

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  1. You are right technology has changed so much, even in the last few years! Technology is more demand now! Although technology can be a bit intimidating, but with the help from teachers and educators, we can help improve their creativity with all these programs like "technology". It making things more fun for teachers and also for the students. To learn and exposed to the technology environment.

    Also, try to put links to your videos in your posts and watch out for grammatical errors.