Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project #3 C4T #1

Summary: In the teacher comment to a blog, I learned a lot about how she is working with her students on technology. She at a time had a student who was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to leave in class participation. As a whole the class integrated the student back into the class through skype. She was included in the classroom as if she was physically still there. I was touched in hearing this story for it had referred my thoughts back to when I had a cousin diagnosed with brain cancer. This teacher I would say was a prime example as to what we student educators strive to be once in the classroom. I look forward to following her blog.
Here is a picture of her class on their first skype session!

Teacher Blog #2
Mrs. Crosby teaches a 4th grade class. She has established in her classroom with podcasts, twitter, and many other aspects of integrating her class with the knowledge required for future use of technology. As stated above she informed on her blog of a session with a child with leukemia, so she still felt included with what the class was doing. Learning is messy is about how back in 2009, when the h1n1 virus was spreading around she was apprehensive of time lost in the classroom. So she decided to establish google docs with her students so they could keep busy and stay out of trouble. I really did enjoy reading on her blog and will continue to follow it, for ideas and strategies that can be useful to me once I enter the field myself.

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