Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Post 3

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A vision of student's today: Michael Wesch
In viewing this video I felt as if I were there too. These students did a great demonstration of the problems that we student's face. There are a lot of problems in my schooling which make me feel like I am on the 7 year plan. Three times since I have started at South my course requirement catalog has changed. Classes that I had already PAID and PASSED are no longer accepted for my degree. And never once when these changes were made did I get a choice to modify or even be informed of these changes. Its disheartening to put so much effort into graduating only to have it postponed or delayed because some one of the university feels that this class would be better suited to me if I re-took it. Money has been sunk into my college degree mainly from PACT which allows a student to be able to graduate without student loans knocking our their doors, now having 5 semesters until I graduate PACT will only pay for one more.... My parents are tired, my brain is tired and I am ready to graduate. I wonder how and if a projected graduation date is even to consider? For when I enrolled into the Education programs I had dreams of success and the ability to do so. Now I dread a graduation knowing that I will at least have three semesters of student loans to pay off. I understand that all of these changes are good changes and probably were overdue, but the people who make and establish these changes I feel do not take into consideration a good student such as me.
ALSO...with the new changes to the program of education, I was advised to quit my job, thats fine so I quit. I now find myself dwelling as broke college student on how much money I will have to subtract out of my not so high yearly pay, to pay back for my education to be able to educate. Michael Wesch I feel took these good student's into account and published this video for hopefully these course requirement modifiers to see and understand where we student's are coming from. He did a great presentation on many current issues that are being overlooked and if not overlooked than out right ignorned. I give this video a thumbs up and I hope that by it being incorporated into our universities viewers that some one out there listens to their students!!!

It's not about technology By:Kelly Hines
In reading Mrs.Hines blog post, I became reassured about the integration of technology in the classroom. She was very informed of how to actively use technology for good. She voiced an opinion that I could not help but agree with when she said that as educators we should not just use technology to make our jobs easier to but widen the limitations we have had in resources. I explained to her that I am myself still conformiing to all the aspects of using technology to benefit me as a teacher. She discussed that teachers are not teaching if they themselves are not perpetual learners. Which i agree with because teaching requires your passion and full efforts to be sucessful. She talks of how our jobs are changing from traditon to technology but thus this change can only be beneficial to future educators if we use technology for good. Hines recommends preparing our students for the future by teaching them the usefulness of technology, therefore we as the teachers must understand it's usage as well. I thought this was great post for us to read on and I feel I have taken in a lot from her.

Karl Fisch: Is it okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher?
This blog post was very interesting in more ways than one. Firstly, I was impressed of the manor in which he decided to write about his sucess. Not boastful, more concerned on how and why he would have been chosen for a best blogger award. I too was a little confused until I went on to read a few other posts he had made and then it became apparent. I enjoyed this post because I at first glance thought I myself could be a technologically illiterate teacher....wrong!!! But like the life long moto says "never judge a book by it's cover" Technology is like a book I had previously glanced into but never taken the time to read into. Once I read into it I became attached in wanting to know how it ended. But what is even better about technology in comparison to a book is that it has no end, it is a continuation of learning and discovering how to use it to aid to your wants and needs. Karl's blog will be one to continue to visit for he has such a crafty way of stateing his opinons!! I give this a thumbs up!!

Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts:
This was very informative. Seeing how much of an impact that technology has made and continues to make in just the few minutes I was viewing the counter. Social networks are in works of becoming a professional aspect,when they were first beginning it was only considered appropriate to be used a fun communication method. Now schools are including many of these technologies to make the classroom communication more wide-spanned. I am enjoying the new innovations of technology being used in the classroom and getting to view other teachers and students around the world~!


  1. A vision of student's today: That is true, When they change something they don't ask the people that it most effects. My major is Physical Education and some of this stuff I'm learning will not come to effect me as a coach.

    It's not about technology: I like how the teacher had the students instruct some of the class. Thats how you pick up items by teaching others them.

    Is it okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher? Some definitions of technologically literate can be different from others. He hits it on the spot on how some teachers don't care or just don't want to change a bit.

    Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts: I had to take a double take to make sure it was real. It changes so much but if we can learn then we can keep up with it.

  2. You did a very thorough job at reviewing these posts. I like that you commented on the technique of A Vision of Students Today. You are going to soon find that you will be required to make powerful movies like this-- how could you tweek this technique to make it better? Did it inspire any creative technical thoughts?