Monday, April 11, 2011

C4T #4

In viewing David Wees's blog post which was titled Open Educational Resources, he talks of how teachers are not here for the pay but are here to make a difference. He feels that in order to make the best of a difference within the teachers universe we must share our gained knowledge and success in the classroom. He also talks of how he is a big fan of use of technology in the classroom. Teachers must be attractive to their students in terms of the students learning otherwise the students can bore too easily and your success is then gapped with under achievement by the students who need more of a relevant challenge. Here in this specific post, he talks of why our shared thoughts are so important. They are open for others to use and teachers alone do not have time to be stingy with their ideas or positive instruction strategies, for the more that is shared the more knowledge we teachers gain. In sharing our knowledge teachers are better prepared for their students and can have many ideas that will work with student achievements. David has a great idea that sharing our knowledge through technology is becoming the most efficient way to share ideas. No time do teachers have to publish books, with the best ideas of teaching these ideas need to spread so that more teachers can reach a point of success in their classrooms as well. This will ensure that our students are getting the most up to date instruction in a form that is relevant to their likes. I very much enjoyed reading this post and I look forward to checking back to see what other great ideas he has established on his blog!

Blog View #2
For the second view of David Wees blog, I decided to take a look around what his blog was all about. I read his information section to begin with learning, he David is a very interesting man. He is a traveler and has been all over from New York, London, Thailand, and Canada which is where he resides currently. He is a married man with a small song and has worked with technology a lot in his career and schooling. He would work nights being the sole proprietor programing web designs just to make ends meet, his life seemed hectic and full of new responsibility. This led him to decide to plan roots in Canada where he now has landed the job as the technology assistant for teachers in the school, he seems to enjoy his job having a lighter work load. This inspired his blog to be a living portfolio of his work, and he is recently working on publishing a book, and writes articles for three different publishers. David Wees is a very busy man, but has a great way express his living passion for technology. I feel he has been a great reference for me to study and learn his point of view, which is one that can be respected. I have enjoyed learning about David Wees.

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