Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Special Assignment McClungs Blog in Depth Review

1. Mr McClung uses his blog to incorporate who he is to his students and also is encouraging his students to use the internet and blog site for success in the class. Joe is an example of what good teachers do that is not required of them, he has a grasp on good teaching which in turn is causing his students to be motivated and successful.
2. As an Educator, McClung is full of bright new ideas and avid about continuing his education. He brings life into his teaching practices and involves himself with his students outside of school by coaching track, which in itself is a big job.
3. Mr. McClungs classroom rules are unique to him and this is the first time I have seen such simplicity in a rule for a classroom set. He wants his students to be active members of the class and by this he requires hand gestures and positive attitudes, which is a wonderful approach to setting your students up for a high school environment which will call for group discussion and not just getting the right multiple choice answer for the test. He has a goal in mind with his teaching and that is to bring his students as far as he can with their knowledge and getting them into their instruction. He is a great teacher and I would call him a warm demander which is a characteristic each of us strive to reach.
4. A day planner, being one of the most important tools to stay on top of task. I would say at the age group he is teaching, informing the students of just how important it is to keep track of homework, and upcoming events etc. This is a good practice for time management.
5. Putting an emphasis on late work, shows the student that the time frame for turning in work is something that must be focused on and taken seriously. This is a good practice to start the students on for when the students enter high school their work load will increase triple from what they are used to, so McClung just wants his students to be readily prepared.
6. He states that he hopes his blog will encourage use of technology and that he loves using technology for many of his hobbies and even has a blip for a music page. Incorporating classroom task on the blog requires that his students at least view this once a week, and by playing around they most likely will find things to entertain themselves outside of what is required by schooling thus familiarizing the students with internet safety.
7. I was looking through the links and I found toondoo.com and I cliked on it for it sounded interesting. Once I got to the page, I saw you can draw out story tales or activities or anything incorporating cartoons and I thought “ My wouldn’t this be so useful for working with children” so I book marked it and have been playing with it learning how to navigate the site. The other neat link I found was Hunkins Experiments which is also cartoon incorporated. On this site you have a list of experiments you can choose from covering a variety of topics. Once again I thought this would be a useful tool for doing activities of instruction in the classroom that I just wanted to jazz up a bit and this site could be plugged in to my smart board and the class could interact in groups on this site as well. I feel these two sites showed up on McClungs blog links, for he was possibly using material from these sites or using the sites themselves in his own class . These sites must have given him positive results for he felt the need to share them with his blog readers.
8. I looked and looked for the internet safety but I could not come across it. I feel that he would have included very specific directions for student use of internet for these children need to understand that the internet can cause a lot of trouble for young viewers if not approached in the correct manner.
9. I viewed the Lesson learned 9:23 and I found that the students were guided by Mr. McClung not only in the classroom but if they were on the track team as well. As reading this post I also learned that his track team was very successful and has a lot of good athletes. He apparently finds joy in teaching so much that he spread his wings to more areas of child guidance by being a coach, and I once being a student who had coaches for teachers everyone loves them and they provide so much to the classroom and students.
10. I like the fact that McClungs Blog has a counter, and multiple pages. I feel that with playing with my blogger more and watching tutorials I too can have a busy blog! I love that he has so much ability with his blog and all the applications. It makes for a good place to visit, for his blog will not be your only stop!
11. His blog allows anyone to view it feel like they know him personally. He opens the viewers eyes to things that are occurring in the classroom, and around the world. He shares his findings of neat sites and useful ways of communicating information over the internet. He should be in the running for best blog!
12. His students seem to enjoy the blog and he includes things going on in the classroom onto his blog, the students major projects are published to the blog for others to see and provide comments on. I have seen similar blogs to this but none have been this elaborative or tweaked, McClung is on his blog constantly feeding with this update a new item of display and the list goes on. His blog is the most involved I have studied and I feel that everyone gets a benefit from viewing his blog.

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