Thursday, April 14, 2011

Final Summary of PLN

In using Symbaloo, I have found many ways to navigate the internet and my favorite sites with ease. No longer do I have to open up google search to find what im looking for, only sometimes when some one like a friend introduces me to a new site do I open google to check it out. Even then symbaloo has a record of this and will track if I visit that site multiple times they will prompt me to add that site into my collection. I feel that in using Symbaloo my internet experiences have become more personalized. Before using this program, I would get on the internet and find that I lost track of where I was planning on going because there is entirely too much on the internet making it hard in some cases to find just what you are looking for. Symbaloo does not get mixed in with spam sites suggesting you unappropriated sites either. It is just enough organization to keep me happy without over consuming me. I suggest symbaloo to people who have not heard of it and they too are skeptical at first, but once they organize just 3 or 4 things the instincts take over. This is a great program and I am happily introduced and involved with it!

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