Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Post #4

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Scott Mcleod: He is a an associate Professor with his PHD in the Educational Administration Program at the University of Iowa State University, as well as the Director of UCEA Center for Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, the Co-director of the video DID YOU KNOW and has received multiple awards for his accomplishments. I feel that in Scott's video he made very good points, but one thing that stood out to me as to why this would be a hard task to accomplish with students, is that we are in the technology age! How do you stop the inevitable? I want to protect my children one day, but learning in school that I must consider the use of technology in my classroom with my students so would I not give my children at home the same benefit? Overall great blog post!

In watching this video I became very interested in this kids idea of the intergration onto the ischool system. It would be very useful for the funding of schools seeing as how it is already lacking. The teachers I think would also find that their capabilities through the ischool system would be very helpful in their organization, resources, class materials as well as a communication base for teacher to parent conversation and teacher to student communication and portrayal of information and needed documents. If we want to integrate technology into the school system I feel this is the way to do it. It would be sucessful, parents would be happy, teachers would loose the weight caused by paperwork off of their shoulders and all at the same time children would be learning how to use technology for the good.
The usefulness of the ischool system is flawless. I feel that with all of the provisons we have been working towards moving green...this is the solution "or at least a start" if the ischool can really become apparent in schools then it must be compatiable with other businesses and much much more! This was a wonderful presentation of information and what a brillant proposal it was!

This video was a very creative, informative peice. The creator really put effort into making this video, with the reveresal was a new meaning of the entire peice. Genius!! I thought that what she was portraying in this video is that things are stated to be destined for our generations to encounter, but with the right guidance and motivations things are only as we see them to be. She talks of family, divorce rates, poor employer to employee relationship and work ethics. Things that are big parts of each humans life. Each one holds a different postion of how strongly we feel of this and thats.
We all want to be different, but in trying to be different we find that most of us are actually all the same. We are taught virute and morale according to what those before us feel important, and only sparingly do we as individuals get the oppertunities to make a change and it be apparent. I feel what she had to say in this video some of us at one point of another have thought ourselves. What can change and what will change end up on different spectrums of our time constraints. I myself felt this video spoke to me! Great choice!

This was breath taking! I enjoy singing in my car, in the shower, in my head, recording myself etc.! If only I could have been invovled in such a beautiful composition! There were so many people from all over the world doing what they love under the control of Eric Whitacre all on video chat! Now this is good use of technology! The skies are the limit!! THUMBS UP and once again thanks Jennifer for finding this!!

Teaching in the 21st Century:
well.. it seems to me that we have a world of reform heading towards the old school systems. All the talk of how to engage your students interests into their school work, well this is a big start. Any child who can learn something such as the use of technology for school work I feel would find it fasinating. The use of technology has no limits and it is definatley a continuation of learning both for the student and the teacher. My research and analysis has already begun, for when I started into this class, I was far behind in current findings of technology. I think this video as well as the other video's we have watched reccently will show us the way to sucessful EDUCATION vs. SCHOOLING. This is a major topic we have been discussing in my EDF 315 class and schooling is what bores a child to sleep and unmotivational thinking. If we can stay up to date on what is current and incorporate that into our EDUCATING I think we will find that it is something that will spark students attentions and efforts! Very good video!!!

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  1. I think you mistake Dr. McLeod's sarcasm as opposition to instruction on internet safety. His main point is that you someone gets hung up on "protection" so much that they fail to equip their children with the ability to use the new technologies, those children will be at an enormous economic, political and social disadvantage later in life.

    Your enthusiasm for the iSchool appears boundless. Travis may recruit you to his team.

    I am glad to hear that other classes are also addressing what teaching should be in the 21st century.

    Keep up your enthusiasm. It is contagious. Thanks!