Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog post #5

Podcasting for assignments with students obviously shows positive learning experiences as well as cool way to present the students learned success in the classrooms. Teachers are becoming more interactive with their students by captureing the attention of them through technology..who would have thought! I feel that viewing the different blogs listed in our instruction manual to learn of how podcasting is useful in the classroom, was a learning experience. For in our class we have learned how to podcast, but seeing it used for educational matter sets a realistic example for us to refer to. This will help as a references for once we do enter our own classroom to better our brainstorming with how to keep our students interested. I am learning that podcasts, blogs, and video presentations are the way to go, its new innovative and the students seem to respond with passion and a deeper understanding of what subject material is being presented, thus no longer will it be suitable in a classroom enviornment for the teacher to propose knowlegde input output methods--can it be true EDUCATION vs SCHOOLING-- education is finding its way back into our teachers methods!!
Here is a cute video presentation on Edgar Allen Poe's The Tale Tell Heart--This I found on Langwitches Blog!

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  1. Whitney,

    I love the video on Edgar Allen Poe that you posted! I definitely enjoyed reading your post too! You seem to be a big podcasting fan! Hopefully you'll bring podcasting into your own future classroom.

    - Allie