Monday, February 28, 2011

PLN Summary Post

As i have begun using my PLN, I have learned a lot. In using this program I have been able to organize all of my favorite sites in one location. I am saving myself from carpel tunnel for I do not have to do so much Google search for I have collaborated my wedding planning sites, my Facebook, my pictures, my twitter is always on hand, and quick ease of not having to log on to my g mail every time I need to just check in. I also can keep a good eye on the weather which is always dependent on what my weekend plans will be, thus I can move from the weather to my personal checklist of spare time (which became a counter idea for me after using the Google checklist for this class) I feel this approach is more beneficial than having to keep track of events on a paper calendar. Not to mention I have added many useful education sites for constant tracking of up to date events and newbies on the what is current and useful in the classroom. I being a TV nerd have also added a short cut to top rated shows on youtbe and a movie review site. I feel that having everything right here where you need it is a good thing, but in telling my father about this new site he was suspicious because he felt all this is just a free data mining for some unknown person to be able to collect information every time I click my mouse..hmm ANY comments??

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  1. Hey Whitney,

    I think you have found a good tool that works for your PLN. You really didn't say what you were using for your PLN, but it sounds like it is Symbaloo. Am I right on that?

    Stephen Akins