Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C4K 1-3


In doing my comments for kids, #1 I was assigned to Mrs Crozets 4th grade class, and more specifically assigned to Jessica W's blog. I read through a couple of them and found that Jessica really enjoys animals and that I found a similarity between the two of us as different as we are, there still was one thing we found in common. I have not yet had a response to my comments or a visit from her onto my class blog--still waiting. For when I do I will have the proper information to re-inform you of this student.

#2: For my second comment for kids I was assigned to a far from here place NEW YORK STATE, more specifically to Terryville Elementary to the 5th grade class of Mr. St Pierre. There I found many creative things that the class had done and it was quite obvious that this teacher had a growing interest with technology and using this beneficially in his class. His students are up to date on their blogging skills and Briana, has a creative niche for poetry if I do say so myself. I was entertained by her unique poetry and the formality they had. I have not yet heard back from her yet, but am still waiting.

#3 For my third comment for kids, I was assigned to Lukis of the PT England School in Auckland New Zealand. Lukis is in room 15 and Mr. Marks is his teacher. The most recent blog post he published was about his trip to the fun festival where it was obvious he had a wonderful time riding all the rides and eating up all the food, the only negative thing he had to say about his experience were the ridiculous lines! After reading some of the schools page I learned that the PT England school is working on a new program "Pt England Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand, has an enthusiastic group of students producing a weekly podcast they call KPE - Korero Pt England.
The producers of this podcast are aged from 9 -11 years. They are working with their teachers on a project promoting reading in their classrooms. They are reading lots of books written by New Zealand authors. Their podcasts are an opportunity to let people know about these books and about life in New Zealand." This sounds like some of things we have read up on what teachers within the elementary level are doing with their students as well, obviously it is a growing trend. I am very excited to read up with this class and cant wait for a response from Lukis!

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