Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Randy Pausch Acheiveing your Childhood Dreams:
This by far describes an incredible man with a great perspective. I enjoyed how Randy firstly states he is not her to discuss sympathies then falls onto the floor to show just how strong he is! I being around a cousin of mine, while she was young and diagnosed with cancer, I could relate to what turmoil he must have experienced. While such a hard burden to deal with had been placed over his head, he turned the other cheek and let Gods hand guide him. Being future educators I feel this is a video each and every one going into the field should view.

He talks of self perceptions and that nothing could slow him down. Each one of us can relate to a sense of self and we each have goals we attend to achieve and in his case some sooner than later. Some would say that our goals which I refer to are nothing more than dreams..but from my perspective a dream is something that usually stays out of reach. My dream as a child was to be a teacher, and im in the works for it but just haven't reached success. Randy discusses his dreams and talks about his childhood experiences and in this you can't help to not force your full attention to the thoughts this man shares. Never meeting this man, after just hearing of some of his personal attainments to his dreams and achievements I feel as if I do know him.

I heard intelligence when Randy discussed how he used groups of men and women to critique some of the approaches he had. This is very beneficial to Educators for we constantly are referencing to how positive our actions are. And to stand in for personal opinions, one can now use the internet (technology) to opinionize just how successful we are. People will always have different stances on certain things and to organize ourselves for success we must constantly revamp ourselves to suit others needs, especially our students. Thus we will reach a point of intelligence, just as Randy has where our opinions begin to matter to the public eye and can be used as references for future generations to educate on!

I waited for the word technology to come up in his discussion. I had made it this far, I wanted to hear something sweet to the ear! Randy talked of times where he incorporated technology into the classroom for his students and the outcomes were always of students working together in groups to interact and learn from his guidance. From this guidance he provided, his students could now learn how to teach each other for just as a stated above each one of us is different and just like traditional schooling some children will be better at one use of technology than the other and that is why I feel that teaching our children to teach is a positive method of instruction all around! I being a student in grade school used to get annoyed with assigned group work, but now doing the things that I am as a college student, group work can't be any better. For working alone I feel does concrete information that you understand, but what about the partial understandings that our human minds usually overlook and by the end of the week forget? Well being in group work and incorporating learning as a group effort the chances of having a partial understanding are less likely because something you may not interest in or understand, there is a classmate who probably reflects opposite opinion and can reason to you why, thus opening a new window of understanding for yourself.

I highly enjoyed listening to Randy and found that his discussion of life and learning was all too informative! His fate was sealed, but his thoughts and practices can and I feel will carry on to others. What a valuable man he was, and the limitless things he had done in just one lifetime---imagine if he was given three or more? I recommended this video be shared for future classes for each person will grasp it in a different way, but the same intelligence

will be passed on!

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  1. Randy Puasch's attitude is what I want every teach to have about education and life! He has been such a great influence on me, and I hope he will be to you also.

    Stephen Akins