Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog 8

Richard Millers " This is How we Dream"

In watching this movie, I found myself bored at first, thinking no not another long movie of listening to someone else try and push their idea for the new future, but continuing to listen my self proclaimed negativeness begun to change. Richard started to talk about Writing as a soliditary activity, something we do in a place with workmates. What if this writing became more of a personal process and we did all the writing ourselves without searching out resources from say the libary. He spoke of incremental changes such as the desktop becoming our workplace. I feel this is awesome! I have enjoyed my schooling much more since we have been doing independent work without the hassel of going to class! Projects are now made easier and have much more of a creative personal touch when done on a computer system tying in digtal enhancements such as audio and video tagged right on your document there to view without having to download. Through this process we are able to share information internationally. We can also be live on everything, for example he showed in his video a clip of the voting roster from the Obama election, being live every vote that was entered was shown right there, no wait.
Part 2: Richard talks of our digtial enviornment consisting of representations programs such as the ITUNE U.
Something that he said really caught my attention " Ideas belong to our culture-Educators must be invovled and share knowlegde" Well of course we do, it all made sense why everything we complied as research was being placed on the web to be searchable by anyone at any given time. By this i questioned my privacy saying, These are my ideas and my work, why should it be offered up to the public, well its because I am sharing my knowlegde! How cool!
With this digital world students can create their thoughts digitally too.
This is a way for our ideas to spread into our cultures and then our cultures passed internationally to whomever may be interested and possibly can reflect a good imagery to those who are not informed of what differences our cultures have.

Finally, As an Educator, I will push for my students to be fully interactive on the web. I was weary of the safeness of the publicity but now I can see the light. Technology has an answer for every childs questions, they can be themselves and not have a teacher saying you have to do it my way or it is not right at all. Education will once again rise over schooling, children will grow in learning who they are and who the world is around them. As researched many children loose hope in school for their ideas are second to anothers, on the web through the use of technology you dont have to a particular way--you must just creativley be yourself and in seeing this student I feel, will become more attatched to the idea of education and learning for they have no one to compare to. Its them against the world and thats the way it should be. But students can not do this free handed, so once again there is a need for teaching-- We educators must learn to navigate our technology and teach our students how to drive it! Once the task of learning is mastered the road can go on forever, who knows were technology can take you its all at the hands of that indivdual.

In watching these two videos, I found out just how creative some can be. Not only were these videos creative, but they were informing on a good life lesson. We are at a point in school where things are taking a turn and the student no longer relies on the teacher to input information so we can turn around and spit it out on a test, it has come to where school requires your full effort with a hint of your personality. We are graded in many ways such as our promptness, our effort, our knowlegde and of course our dedication to the cause. Many students do start college thinking this will easy and that much dedication is not required and one can pass with the bare minimum. This is a falsification, for as shown in the chipper series if you think you can do this your wrong. The ones who carry this on their shoulder never make it, some rare cases where they make it out of the school enviornment they find once in the professional feild that to be professional you must act professional. I thought of ways that I could be creative in my work and with this I have found that my options are unlimited. I can create a good lecture full of instruction with fun incorportated to result in student participation and success and as well me enjoying what I do. For if you care about something enough you want it to be your best, so when I teach I want everything that my students hear to be at its highest quality.

Learn to change and Change to Learn:
YES YES YES! Of course this is a real arguement for it is occuring all around us, and we learning to be Educators must take this as a fact. If we do not broaden our abilties to reflect useful knowlegde to our students to better prepare them for life, then our job has failed. Incorporating technology into our students practices will better them for what future jobs will be there and what requirements these jobs will have. Technology struck years ago but the curve of its importance is just now visible, we need to take the global tools that technology provides and teach our students what they NEED to know, not how to write on a peice of paper that can be burned and not recorded, we must teach them to use the mechanics of technology so they too can ellaborate their ideas to the rest of the world and take in what others thoughts are around the world. Technology is not the only thing changing, for as they said in the movie our traditons of what is good and acceptable are too.

From watching the last two videos, I feel that our culture is in a huge wave of change. We are no longer living the traditonal American dream, we are living a digitally enhanced dream. Students are no longer motivated on traditonal simple things, these bore students, technology is intising to students and tracks everything that they do. Like I have stated before many of these changes are not limited but unlimited. The possibilities are forever being created and it is our job to follow the wave, for this is the american method. What is good beautiful and true is becoming quite apparent that it must consist of something to do with technology. Our next generation children do not go play outside to entertain themselves for that is boring,these children must entertain from technology and that is when they are not bored, but once technology is boring what is the next step? From all the progression we have made towards excepting technology into our lives, I just can not fathom what could and possibly will exceed these oppertunity. I enjoy the new trends of technology and so do our children but this is just a pure example of continuation of knowledgde and self education. It is what is the future and will be the only thing to motivate our next generation guppies! Our drives for success are for money to survive and the media enhances this beleif that success is only able for one if technology is learned and mastered.


  1. I agree that this generation of children do not go outside and play to entertain themselves. Most of them use technology as entertainment. We are living in a fast changing world where technology is ever changing. I also wander sometimes what will people do after they get bored with technology. I like this change in some ways but I also like the old days where having fun was playing in the woods etc.

  2. Hey Whitney!
    I really like how your perspective was changed while watching Richard Miller's "This is How We Dream." To be completely honest -and it was your boldness that inspired me to be brave enough to say so myself- I too was partially bored. Notwithstanding, I do appreciate and admire that you were able to draw from this presentation the idea that EDM310 has brought a hassle-free working environment for you. It has, to some extent, done the same for me. Yes, it is time-consuming... but it is an enjoyable consumption of time, all of which is well-spent. It has taught me time-management, which is essential to not only the teaching profession but every profession as well as daily living expectations; it has taught me that technology is not as scary and intimidating as I initially believed it to be; and it has taught me to challenge myself, when a situation calls for it, to learn not by reading and reciting, but by doing. It is such a hands-on experience, and even though at times EDM310 can be rough and demanding -which is just life; we all have to deal with these challenges-, the things I've learned and still am learning will remain with me for a lifetime.

    Thank you for your post!

  3. Whitney,

    In response to your post and the comments left on it, in a way, it's kind of frightening how much we depend on technology for entertainment. Kids don't play outside and ride their bikes, they play computer and video games. Do you remember the assigned video, "Schools are Killing Creativity?" Sometimes I think technology is doing the very same thing.

    Good job!

    - Allie