Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Post 10

In reading Morgan Bayda's blog post, I felt a sense of not being the only one so frustrated with the lack of attention on the needs of education! Followed by a more relieving video by Dan Brown, I saw that these two students just as I have come to a realiziation that we need change. Traditons are a wonderful base to build off, but we must continue to build up to the everchanging trends in the modern world. Students attention is becoming harder to attain for a human is in no way comparable to the vast ways technology can teach. It is independent, so therefore more popular because we indidivuals enjoy teaching and learning ourselves. Sometimes teachers will get bored with the subjects they teach and loose a passion they once may have had!
We have a great opportunity at hand, if we would only reach out and grasp it. Technology and communication networks such as TWITTER, BLOGGING, and DELICIOUS provide ways to share our gained knowlegde and not just store it in our minds to spit back out on a test. The capabilites we can have with use of outside materials could make the classroom as intising as a trip to Disney world!

But to quit yacking, I'll end with this, today I went and voted to reinstate an education tax system that could and possibily will jepordize my getting a job after graduation-- WE NEED A CHANGE!!!

Tom Johnson's "Don't Let them take the pencils home"
Mr. Johnson's peice was great for reading and I enjoyed it highly! The reference to the pencils and authorities was so relevant to the practices that are being avoided and replaced today. I saw in reading this that our children are being given the short stick! There is no education in limiting what tools for learning students may encompass! We must embrace the modern world for what it is worth and use the tools provided at much ease and accomodation!


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  2. Hey Whitney, I enjoyed Morgan's post as well. Her thoughts have solidified what I have endured throughout this semester, as well as past semesters. I agree that we need to be up to date in order to draw out the creative side of students. The old style of teaching is just that; OLD. I am sure you have encountered the same issues that I have. I tune the professors out after about 45 minutes of a 2 and a half hour class. I think we have been given some fantastic tools in this class that will help us help our students. Of course, we need to be creative as well within our work to make sure our students are getting a memorable education.

    I think you have done a great job on your posts. Since you have been assigned to me for C4C this week, I am using your blog as a reference for my work.

    Thanks, K. Nelson

  3. Whitney,

    I am glad you agree with Morgan and Dan, because like you have said, we do need CHANGE in the education system. Things are not happening as they should, and students are not learning and succeeding in this fast changing world. As teachers, we need to teach them how to learn and think on their own. We need creativity in the classroom. I hope that you are willing to put yourself out there to initiate a change, and I am sure you are!

    From Dr. Strange: It seems that you did not understand that Tom Johnspn's post Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home was a metaphor in which pencils were computers. I will complete my post Metaphors: What They Are and Why We Use Them (A Learning Opportunity) later this week. After this post appears on the Class Blog you will be required to leave a comment. Watch the Class Blog for further instructions.