Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Post 12 * Personally Created Assignment

*** After watching the video published above, In one to two paragraphs; Please describe how use of technology with your students can better prepare them to be continued learners likes ourselves. Next, Provide 2 examples of traditonal class activities that when created through use of technology are more appealing to the eye.

-All students are attracted to the new age of technology for it is something they were born into. With using technology in our own classrooms, we are teaching are students to use an open mind style of thinking and collaboration of shared knowlegde.In using technology, students are being taught how to find the needed information from many sources, instead of having to just read through a lengthy text or article. This use can also be beneficial to our students for it is a more personalized experience, for example students who are more visual learners can watch youtube videos that demonstrate hands on learning. Once a student is taught to do this for the use of schooling, they then can turn around and build a palace online for things they enjoy viewing outside of school and thus create more of a learning experience for constant learning.
- 2 Examples of activites:
1. Speech- using a webcam or skype can teach the student how to public speek, but can teach the student how to use technology for future use in such situations of business conferences over webcame ect.
2. Science Fair enhanced by technology could open opportunities for the student to really catch ones attention with the beauty and realistic aspects of using digital presentation.


  1. Way to find something familiar, but is adapted to our realm (k-12)!

  2. Whitney, I really liked the video you chose for this assignment! I think it is similar to the one we watched earlier in the semester but for those of us who are going to be elementary teachers, this is more relevant. Good job on your post, you chose a great video to do a blog post on!