Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog 9

In reading Mr. Mc Clung's blog post, I felt relief.
Here he stated real aspects of your first year of teaching and really put an emphasis that is will not be sunshine and rainbows when you first enter your classroom. He left experiences to be read by the public in hopes that he could encourage better teaching practices. He spoke of great things that teachers should keep in mind once entering in the classroom such as Listening to your students needs, taking advice, not dumping an idea because it did not work out like you had planned, keep trying and most importantly to not be afraid of failed attempts. He also spoke of use of technology being very beneficial to his classroom and encouraged any readers to learn technology instead of turning away from it. I thought this assignment to his blog was a wonderful learning read-- sadly enough I could not leave my thoughts to his blog but in spirit he will know that I cherished the thoughts he put on the post. I had my assumptions of what it would be like the very first year and these assumptions were that I would regret my chosen career and id be stuck in the mud until I got a good grasp on what works and what doesn't work. By reading Mc clung I feel that I have a better understanding of what to expect and that I will work hard to build relationships with my colleagues to better be equitable

for teaching with success!!

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  1. And Mr. McClung keeps on learning! Take a look at his After Year 2 Reflection. And, as you can see from the readings this week, Mr. McClung is even a better teacher in Year 3.