Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Post 13

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is a holistic database full of educational materials that can be beneficial to self progress, interacting with students, parents involving themselves with better their childrens education experiences at home. This website strives to be up to date on the latest changes in the education domain of the state of Alabama, and is a work in progress for changes are constantly made to better suit to the researchers needs. Things that are avaiable to website users are things such as lesson plans, professional learning experiences, a search engine to better find things one is looking for pertaining to education, web resources that could aid in a teachers preperations for receiving a degree or simply to help a teacher with good tactics in his or her own classroom. All resources that (ALEX) provides are in accordance with the Alabama State Education Requirements.

How this would be useful to my practices as an educator:
-Lesson Plans, by googleing lesson plans you can get bulk mass of unrelevant and unsuccessful lesson plans that anyone can post. Here you can get lesson plans that are made to work in the classroom and could better your chances for seeing your children make progress.
-Web resources, can always be beneficial to an educator for if there is an incident where I need to find reliable information pertaining to a certain topic and district, here I can do these things. A defined search is always a beneficial practice, and knowing that the information you get is legtimate is a sigh of releif!
-Professional Learning, could be beneficial to one who may be in a state of continuation of education say their masters degree, here you can go through a vast collection of courses to take, online demo's and the list goes on.
-Podcast Treasury, here I saved the best for last, because once looking through the collection of podcasts this site had that was a part of our local history and many other popular school topics, I know I can always refer to this site when looking to incorporate these into my own classroom or just for some good ideas on how to present materials to interest my students.

*** Overall, I was very impressed with this site and will be visting it again. It has everything an educator of alabama could ever need and if it does not have it direct, it will provide better guidance of where to find what you need! Great, great site!!


  1. Wow, Whitney I am so impressed that you are so far ahead on your assignments! It seems like you must be really enjoying them. This was an overall good post because you sounded very optimistic about this resource and presented it in such a way that I could also see myself using the resources you listed, especially the Podcast treasury. Keep up the good work, girl!