Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C4K 7-10

Kid #7: For my seventh assignment in comments for kids, I have very much so enjoyed this project for the class. I love children so being assigned to research what other children around the world are doing in their classrooms is so beneficial to my forming educational practices.
For this go around, I read Christani B who is in Mrs. Phares 4th period class. She wrote and published a blog on the ever changing subject of bullies. She explained how she herself was a bully and lost all of her friends so she had a come to her senses experience and changed her ways. Many people talked bad about Christani and her friends behind their backs and no one respected the, by saying this she opened up her personal life for viewers such as I to read and better understand where she is coming from. She has obviously learned a lot from her experience and I hope to see more posts such as this one, so i can continue to learn about her and her life.

Kid #8 For this assignment, I was lead to a blog from the 6/7th grade class in Adelaide, Australia. There I commented on a girl named Erin's blog. Her most recent post was a persuasive writing assignment where she chose to write about not encouraging animals live in small cages in zoo's. I being a huge animal lover read enthusiastically through her post. She has a very strong voice when it comes to the encasement of the animals and wants to encourage people to be mindful that they were here first. That their natural instincts do matter and that with our behaviors they are loosing what was once their home and being put in observational environments. Erin feels that most zoo's do not provide a home realistic enough to that of their own. This was a very warming post and she did a great job writing it.

Kid #9- For this assignment, Dr. Strange has asked us to view in depth Mrs. Yollis 3rd Grade class blog. I found this blog to be a very neatly organized and managed blog. The students have full interaction with the blog as well as their parents, which I found to be a nice personal touch. I enjoyed how Mrs. Yollis told of herself and her travels, she even posted a picture of her in 3rd grade I thought to be just darling! I also enjoyed getting taught personally by Mrs. Yollis on the standards of posting comments, which brings me to mention the comment clarification quality process she practices on her blog. This ensures to Mrs. Yollis that anyone leaving a comment on her CLASS blog is a good representation of grammar and language use as well as spelling and punctuation--she could not afford to have her students reading comments from college level students that were not up to par on the standards she preaches to them! I enjoyed and will visit back to the html code link, there she posts various codes you can use to add links, change text etc. She obviously learned a lot during her Masters degree in integration of technology in the classroom! I was overall very impressed with this blog, with Mrs. Yollis and how she does use technology in the classroom, which draws me to the conclusion as to why her class blog was voted best EDU blog of 2010! When first being brought to her blog, I read into the post from Nonna, she posted many neat pictures of her home in Italy and all the vast activities there are to do there, it is a small secluded place in a valley of mountains. It looked like a little piece of heaven right there at their back door. I enjoyed this aspect of her blog lastly, because she is tying in to her students minds what is going on around the world--which I have learned and feel is one of the best capabilities of having a class blog *Shared Knowledge is the future* Great assignment enjoyed it very much so!!

Adia's Babble Blog: Persian New Year Celebration: "On Thursday, my brilliant third grade class went to my former teacher's wonderful second grade class to celebrate Persian New Year also know..."

- Today, I viewed Adia's blog about the traditons of her Persian New Year. I was amazed at what I learned and felt inspired to have the rest of the class have a ease of access to this blog. Adia has a great way of explaining things to a person who has no idea prior to reading her posts. This is a remarkable blogger, and I have found her blogs to be very interesting to readers in such a professional way. Mrs. Yollis really has taught these students how to blog efficiently and I am impressed! Adia, is a wonderful example of how student blogs can be a useful tool to teachers with instruction! DO read this blog, it is all worth the time to have such a creative mind share her thoughts and life so openly to the web, I feel honored to have been invited to see this blog post!

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