Monday, March 14, 2011

C4K 4-6

#4 In my fourth comment for kids, I was assigned to Shoal of the PT England school in Auckland, New Zealand. Shoal is the second student I have had from this school, she unlike Lukis, Shoal is in the year 6 and she seems to be just right at her prime. She had very wonderful stories of her family and what hobbies she enjoyed outside of school on her blog. As well Shoal had a very girlie layout and seemed to spent a bit more time on her blog than Lukis does. Her age surprised me for all that she had done through creativity on her blog as a 9 year old. While looking on to the followers of Shoals blog, I bumped into a group of 4 girls who had made a music video. I thought the video was interesting and it had seemed to me that these girls worked hard on getting their dance together and creating the video. The teacher had made this a class assignment and its results seemed positive. The girls seemed like they enjoyed the project. Mrs Garden has by doing this incorporated the fun into education. While the students were learning how to create videos and work together as a group which are good things for students of this age range to be positively accomplishing--the teacher was winning all in the same for she was presenting instruction through this project. This is another positive example of use of technology in the classroom. I enjoyed Mrs Gardens class and will continue to follow her class.

-- To be honest here, which Dr. Strange has encouraged us to do... I usually stay pretty organized with my student comments, but for the life of me I can not remember what student I had for C4K#5 so i will continue to back track and hopefully edit this section soon!

#6- For my sixth assigned child, his name is Brennan and he is currently in grade 8 at the PT school in Auckland

, New Zealand. He is 12 years old, so he about to enter the big high-school level of schooling where the demands will be held at higher stakes. He stated that his favorite food are apples and he enjoys spending time with his friends, who happen to be in the same class as he. The photo pictured with Brennan was his cool new hair cut!! I enjoyed reading about Brennan he seems like a nice boy!!

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