Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Post 11

In viewing the video created by Ms. Cassidy and her 1st graders and following up with her skype interview used for EDM 310, I found that she is very knowledgeable with using technology in her classroom to widen her students minds through the use of technology. She has been experiencing technology use for the past 10 years, to be successful she keeps things simple and uses the same approach. Blogging is very important to use in her classroom and she recieves much support from her technology aid. She says that the parents of her students are not opposed to this use, for it makes it easier for the parents to stay up to date on things that their students are learning. She uses the students blogs as portfoloio to reflect the progress of her students learning. The kids enjoy this use for they stay attained to the material she says " kids and technology go hand in hand", the world is changing so the education program must too!
What differences does blogging make in life Cassidy replies " the children enjoy using blogs for they recieve an audience for work they complete and can also recieve comments for what they do!" Skype helps build realationships for her students with other students and even students at a college level. Teachers must keep learning, and learning and test running with technology we can be more capable to teach our future students with their needs in mind.
Where do you start with use of technology? -- You can push the use of tech nology through picking out what interests you and work off of your interests.
Cheating is not an issue with use of blogging for the use of blogging becomes a use of technology with a touch of your own personality. You can present the same information of someone else and critique to collaborate!
Technology provides many tools for use in education and Ms. Cassidy really takes the reigns in using this to better prepare her students for a future that is evolved around the modern world of technology use!!


  1. I love that picture, hilarious! But besides that I agree with that Mrs. Cassidy has really taken the reigns when it comes to bringing technology in the classroom and I greatly admire her for that.

  2. Hey Whitney, I really enjoyed checking out your blogger. I will say I wished had a teacher like Ms.Cassidy in my childhood days to introduce me to the use of technology like Blogger,Twitter,and Skype. A teacher like this can make students lives so much easier in their future learning.